Consulting Board

This council is made up of the founders, Professors from Universities and Higher Institutes and entities that have a protocol with the Museum and its main purpose is to scientifically monitor the project, as well as provide opinions on the guidelines for its activities.

Alberto da Silva Federal University of Paraiba – Brazil
Albertino Gonçalves University of Minho – Portugal
Ana Pessoa dos Santos Director of the Memory and Information Center of the Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation – Rio de Janeiro
Ana Silvia Volpi Scott University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos – Unisinos – Brazil
Armando Oliveira Open University – Portugal
Aurelius de Oliveira Faculty of Arts of Porto
Eduarda Moreira da Silva Vieira Portuguese University
Fernanda Paula Maia University of Porto – Institute of Modern History Portugal
Geraldo Sá Peixoto Pinheiro Federal University of Amazonas – Brazil
Henrique Barreto Nunes District Archive of Braga and Public Library – U.Minho
Henrique Rodrigues Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo – Portugal
Henrique Terena National Council of Indigenous Evangelical Pastors and Leaders – Brazil
Hilda Pivaro Stadniky Federal University of Maringá – Brazil
Isilda Braga da Costa Monteiro University of Porto – Institute of Modern History
Jacinto Godinho New University of Lisbon – Portugal
Ismenia de Lima Martins Fluminense Federal University, UFF
João Peixoto Technical University of Lisbon – Portugal
Joaquim da Costa Leite University of Aveiro – Portugal
Jorge Fernandes Alves University of Porto – Portugal
Jose Carlos Teixeira University of British Columbia -Canada
José Ribeiro Open University
Jose Correia das Neves Historical and Geographical Institute (Minas Gerais) – Brazil
Jose Mario Coelho PTVirtual – Journalist
José Viriato Capela University of Minho – Portugal
Justino Magalhães University of Lisbon
Leny Caselli Anzai Federal University of Mato Grosso
Leila Menezes Duarte Public Archive of the State of Rio de Janeiro
Ludovina Capelo Archive of the University of Coimbra
Lucia Sanson Rio de Janeiro (coordination)
Marcelo Borges Dickinson College-Carlisle, USA
Maria Engrácia Leandro Minho’s university
Manoel Lelo Bellotto Paulista State University-UNESP and Univ. from São Paulo-USP – Brazil
Manuela Aguiar Immigrant Women’s Association
Manuel Carlos Ferreira da Silva University of Minho – Portugal
Manuel da Silva e Costa University of Minho – Portugal
Maria Adenir Peraro Federal University of Mato Grosso – Brazil
Maria Beatriz da Rocha-Trindade Open University – Portugal

Emigration Observatory

Maria Cristina Moreira Minho’s university
Marie Christine Volovitch Tavares France (coordination)
Maria Isabelle Vieira University of Rennes II
Maria Luiza Marcilio University of Sao Paulo – Brazil
Maria Manuela Rocha Technical University of Lisbon – Portugal
Maria Norberta Amorim NEPS (Nucleus for Population and Society Studies) U. do Minho , P
Maria Virgínia Arribal Coelho New University of Lisbon – Portugal
Miguel Bandeira University of Minho – Portugal
Miguel Monteiro Museum of Emigration and Communities
Miriam Halpern Pereira (ISCTE) Portugal
Neide Antonia Marcondes de Faria Paulista State University-UNESP and University of São Paulo – USP – Brazil
Neide Fiori University of Florianopolis – Brazil
Nilce da Silva University of Sao Paulo USP – Brazil
Osvaldo Mario Serra Truzzi Federal University of São Carlos; UNESP and University of São Paulo, USP
Regina Anacleto University of Coimbra – Portugal
Roberto Pestana Teixeira Lima University of Campinas (UNICAMP) – Brazil
Rui Carita University of Madeira – Portugal
Sebastião Gusmão Federal University of Minas Gerais – Brazil
Teresa Pinheiro University of Chemnitz – Germany
Teresa Rita Lopes New University of Lisbon
Wenceslau Gonçalves Neto Federal University of Uberlândia
All researchers were contacted and personally invited by the coordinator of this Museum, all of whom declared their acceptance of joining this body.