The Museum of Migration and Communities – Back and Translated

The Museum of Migration and Communities started in Fafe, Portugal a municipality near Porto in Portugal, in 2001. First it was a virtual museum, then it became a traditional museum that you could visit. Like most great ideas/movements, it started with one person’s vision Dr. Miguel Monteiro. He was deeply interested in Portuguese migration and the Portuguese diaspora.

His idea gathered momentum and it attracted the interests of others, including academics studying in this field. When the Museum website disappeared it seemed a real travesty. So we decided to bring it back, to maintain this historical record, and help the Portuguese diaspora know more about their history and roots. The website will be back with all the old information, along with some new that is relevant today to migration, the issue of the 21st century. To make the information more readily available, we are bringing it back in English, with Portuguese available as a translation.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to do so. Otherwise see you soonish with the old,  new website.

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