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Yesterday, the 10th of July, the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved a draft law, authored by deputy Gastão Vieira, establishing the date of June 10th as Portuguese Immigration Day in Brazil.

The author of the project highlighted that the influence of Portuguese History and Culture on the social formation of the Brazilian nation is undeniable. “Since the arrival of the first Portuguese, on April 22, 1500, until the present day, the Portuguese presence has always been outstanding. Parents”. In addition, the deputy highlighted the “greatest cultural heritage (which) is the Portuguese language” and the fact that “from the Portuguese we also receive influences in cuisine, architecture, religion and in the organization of the bureaucratic status of the Brazilian State”. The deputy referred to the “prejudice” due to the fact that Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese and not by other peoples in Europe, said to be more developed.
The Portuguese ambassador to Brazil, Francisco Seixas da Costa, thanked the deputy saying that “this gesture will be received with great appreciation by the entire Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Community residing in this country and will be understood in Portugal as one of the most significant expressions official friendship that always unites us to Brazil”. For the Portuguese diplomat, the deputy “demonstrated his sensitivity to a historical and cultural contribution that, before all others that mark the rich diversity of this country, brought to Brazil some of the most important values ​​that today endure in its civilizational matrix. “.

The ambassador also referred that “the Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Community that, over the centuries, has left its roots here, marked by an ethics of behavior made of seriousness, work and the ability to live together in full harmony, has a great pride, today as in the past, in being able to contribute, in a loyal way and in ever-renewed ways, to the growing prestige of the Brazilian Nation.” Carlos Fino