1- Birth certificates are issued at the CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICES in the place of birth and requested directly from the Registrar (or online)- Certificates .

For dates prior to (100) one hundred years, certificates are required from the Directors of District Archives.

2- When only the NAME of the person is known and it is not possible to locate the MUNICIPALITY of origin, we will have to resort to the Archives of the Civil Governments of the region, where the records of the persons embarked are located – PASSPORT REGISTRATION AND PASSPORT PROCESSES (Name, date of birth, age, father’s name, mother’s name, date of emigration, parish or parish of birth, municipality of origin, particular signs, etc…..).

In some cases the passport processes are in the archives of the Universities (in the case of Coimbra and Braga).

2.1- In these cases , the information contained in the PASSPORT REGISTRY must be requested from the respective Civil District Governor .

2.2- With the data collected there, it is possible to obtain birth certificates from the Civil Registry Office of the MUNICIPALITY or from the District Archives Office.

Note: Dates of birth referred to in passport records and files may not correspond to actual dates of birth. The difference can be more or less two years. This difference is explained in the context of military regulations.

file list

District Archive of Aveiro –

Beja District Archive –

Bragança District Archive –

Castelo Branco District Archive –

Évora District Archive –

District Archive of Faro –

Guarda District Archive –

District Archive of Leiria –

Lisbon District Archive –

District Archive of Portalegre –

District Archive of Porto –

District Archive of Santarém –

District Archive of Setúbal –

District Archive of Viana do Castelo –

District Archive of Vila Real –

Viseu District Archive –

Archive of the University of Coimbra –

Braga District Archive –

Madeira Regional Archive –

Angra do Heroísmo Archive –

Horta Archive –

Ponta Delgada Archive –